Established in 1998 as subsidiary of Al-Maris Investment Group with the aim of developing and managing Al-Maris Real Estate investments, Al-Maris Real Estate is recognized as being one of the leading real estate development companies in Kuwait with a primary focus on the development and management of a wide of high end styles and options for residential and commercial solutions

Al-Maris Investment Group’s real estate activities focused on Kuwait before expanding across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. In line with the trend towards globalization. Al-Maris has expanded Al-Maris Investment Group’s reach from Middle East and Asia to Europe and North America. Today Al-Maris is a leader in numerous construction projects and is in negotiation for additional projects in healthcare, hospitality, housing snd eduction

Al-Maris Real Estate is a full- service developer with the capacity to fund, invest in, develop, design, market and sell real estate projects of all types and sizes. Al-Maris Investment Group, Al-Maris Real Estate is a partner in numerous local and international joint ventures, taking a leading development role in each. It currently manages 10-20 billion assets.

Al-Maris Investment Group’s Private Equity division overseas a number of subsidiaries as well as joint ventures operating in diverse sectors of the economy. The portfolio has broadened its profile considerably to include companies in hospitalities including health care, real estate, manufacture, technology, oil products, telecom and IT. The PE portfolio contains both acquisitions and Al-Maris Investment Group founded companies. Al-Maris Investment Group’s primary aim is to add value to the companies in its portfolio and to develop a core group of companies that serve as the portfolio’s foundation. All transactions take place only after a process of due diligence that measures risk while identifying catalysts for increasing value. Potential acquisitions are analyzed in light of a company’s existing profitability, its potential for profitability based on operational guidance, its synergy with Al-Maris Investment Group companies and, in specific cases, the possibility of merging it with other Al-Maris Investment Group properties. The ultimate goal is to maximize value by diving improved operational results via increased productivity, efficiency and value. Although Al-Maris Investment Group’s PE holdings operate in very different business sectors, executives ensure through ongoing analysis that each and every company meets common international standards in terms of governance, transparency and best practices. Al-Maris Investment Group manages the companies in its portfolio by forming effective boards of directors and installing company’s management capable of steering the company towards achievement of its goals.